The FEELING OF BEAUTY project is a Cooperation Project for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices implemented in the Partnership of 3 international Organizations: RAiDO Foundation International Center for Supporting Youth and Adults from Poland (Project Coordinator); Nuoriso- ja luontomatkailukeskus Inari Oy from Finland and ASSOCIACIO CULTURAL TABALA from Spain.

The main goal of the FEELING OF BEAUTY project is to jointly develop an innovative method of working on building proper/correct sense of self-worth, including a sense of own beauty through proces of photography (portrait photography sessions) and therapeutic art methods together with the process of their widespread dissemination in a group of parents with children with disabilities, adults People with disabilities. The project encourages and motivates to active citizenship and ethical behavior in relation to lifelong learning. It strengthens the development of social and intercultural competences, critical thinking and media literacy among socially excluded people with fewer opportunities. The project addresses and promotes the social and educational value of European cultural heritage, promotes equal access and social inclusion of people from disadvantaged backgrounds compared to their peers into transnational activities and mobility when access is difficult or limited. All project partners work with socially, culturally and linguistically excluded groups who are national minorities in their countries.

26 employees/staff of Partner organizations (including Deaf/Hearing Impaired people from Poland), who work on behalf of including people with fewer opportunities in their local communities, will participate in international mobilities. The project is ultimately addressed to the disadvantaged group, which are the parents of people with disabilities, with fewer opportunities, adults with disabilities.

RAiDO Foundation International Support Center for Youth and Adults


RAiDO Foundation International Support Center for Youth and Adults

We organize all forms of integration and support activities promoting the idea of ​​tolerance and integration. 

We support activities that contribute to prevent discrimination against fewer opportunities/minority groups. The main goal of the RAiDO Foundation International Support Center for Youth and Adults is the business cooperation of Polish and foreign entities operating in the promotion of tolerance and integration of social, cultural and professional development. The main tasks of the Foundation are:
– Promotion the idea of intercultural mobility and integration.
– Collaboration of cultural, social and economic partners from all over the world.
– Promotion of culture and cultural products of various countries, regions, communities and religions.

polish team

Our Team

feeling of beauty project

Dorota Anna


Creator of Feeling of Beauty Method. President of RAiDO Foundation, International Support Center of Youth and Adults. Psychologist, traveler, foodie. She is interested in people, their culture, religion, customs, views and opinions. She talks with women and men about their beauty and tries to capture it in photos. She met women from almost all over Europe and countries such as: China, Nepal, Vietnam, the Caribbean, Tunisia, and Benin. He loves historical movies, cycling and good wine. Mother of Deaf fantastic son.


Photografer, journalist, editor

President and founder of the "Miłość i Zdrowie" foundation, which supports people with autism spectrum disorders and their families. Works at the Prison Service Forum. Honored in the competition for journalists "The Human Face of the European Social Fund" (2007). She specializes in prison reportage, writes poems and plays the guitar. Mother of two children, one with autism. In the project, he supports all participants with knowledge of the basics of photography and takes photos.


psychologist (Deaf)

I work as a special educator, and recently I became a master of psychology. I love spending time with family and friends, and in my spare time I watch movies, read books and travel. In the project, I support logistic activities.


Make Up Coach

She works on photo sessions in Polish and foreign projects. Inspires, motivates and helps. In the project, she is responsible for training in the basics of make-up and color typology.


special educator, sign Language interpreter (Deaf)

A few words about me: globetrotter, funny, optimist. A special educator by education, on a daily basis I am a sign language interpreter, and I also teach sign language students. For years I have been working to help people with hearing impairments: translating various events, meetings, videos as well as Erasmus + projects, including youth exchanges. I love to travel and discover new routes, learn new sign languages. Music is a part of me. In the Feeling of Beauty Project I am a sign language interpreter.

Michał Pruchniewicz, market researcher


market researcher

Market researcher, passionate about mountain and water travels, musician playing the guitar and drums. In the Feeling of Beauty Project I am responsible for supervising the research process.

Przemysław Marszal, psychologist



Psychologist and youth worker during the day, board game lover after hours.



Psychotherapist in the field of psychology oriented at A. Mindell's process. Husband, father, grandfather. A philosopher, scientist, athlete and foodie of life open to the world and people. In the Feeling of Beauty project, I am a supervisor in the development of the method in terms of content and therapy.


IT consultant, photografer (Deaf)

My role in RAiDO Fundacion is logistics, photography and helpdesk. I working in Warsaw as an IT consultant. My hobbies are travelling, basketball and extreme sports.



Inari and Youth Center Vasatokka

Inari is Finland’s largest municipality, it’s located in northern Lapland. There are about 7000 inhabitants. Inari is the center of Sámi culture and the only municipality in Finland with five official languages. 

In addition to Finnish and Swedish, three different Sámi languages are spoken there. Youth Center Vasatokka is located in Riutula village and surrounded by the clear-water lake Muddus, Lapland’s large wilderness areas and fells.

Youth Center Vasatokka is the northern-most of Finland’s national Youth Centers. Our actions are based on the Finnish youth law. We organize and host camp schools, international camps, and volunteering projects, group work days for schools, social youth work Nuotta-training periods for special youngster groups, nature camps, and small meetings and parties year-round. 

We offer various experiential outdoor and indoor activities and sports. Travelers are welcome in Vasatokka, as there is a total of 130 beds in hostel-rated rooms and cottages.

Poland Spain Finland

Our team

Inari and Youth Center Vasatokka


CEO of Vasatokka

In her spare time, Riitta likes to go out to nature, for example jogging, skiing and picking berries. She enjoys also listening to audiobooks and is skilled in handicrafts. Riitta's family includes a husband and two children. Riitta's little brother has a physical disability, so the everyday life of a special family has been familiar to her since childhood.


special youth worker

Sari’s family includes a husband and three children, the eldest of whom is in a wheelchair due to severe epilepsy. Sari is a sporty person and enjoys swimming, skiing, snowshoeing, dancing, and is easily excited to try new sports. Sari also enjoys listening to audiobooks and topical tv programs and documents.


international youth worker

Her family includes a boyfriend and a dog. Johanna’s favorite things are moving in nature by hiking, jogging, skiing, snowboarding, as well as making handicrafts, watching movies, cooking and eating good food and listening to music and sometimes even playing.


youth worker

School counselor of special vocational school class Luovi Kittilä Henriikka is experienced working with young adults with special support needs. Henriikka likes nature related activities like snowboarding, skiing and hiking and cycling.


youth worker

Anssi guides children and adult’s groups in Vasatokka. He has long experience from adventure tourism and camp shools. At his free time Anssi plays ice hockey and renovates his cabin where he lives in the middle of forest and rural nature.

Associació Cultural Tabalà


Associació Cultural Tabalà

Our communitie is a small town in the middle of green and smelly orange trees, is a sunny place full of nice people who live calm lives. We like to go out and say hello to everybody, festivities are a main part of our lives, we (the valencian people) are open minded and wellcome.

 In summer we take baths on the river and eat watermelon a lot. Our main dish is the famous (and the best) paella you can ever try, but also we have much more traditional dishes that come for our arabic ascendence. Our economy is based on agriculture and we are very proud of it, probably much of the oranges you ever eat comes from Valencia, and our essence is like this fruit, orange (sunny), sweet and refreshing. 
Associació Cultural Tabalà is an organization borned on 2005, since then we work hard for our community at many levels local, regional and international. We work with many target groups making connections and nets between people and other organizations. Our values are respect, tolerance, equality, solidarity and freedom for everybody, we also work for eco issues because our planet is our house. Tabalà is not a big organization but involves a lot of people, our team has plenty of nice people who work voluntarily and hard to make the world a better place. 

Poland Spain Finland

Our team

Associació Cultural Tabalà

Raymi Navalón Peris


He was one of the founders of the organization in 2005. Since then he has been working with a wide range of European programs, giving locals the opportunity of exploring, learning and opening their minds by traveling around Europe meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. He is also a Town Hall management employee responsible for culture, youth, education and festivities since 2002. He is a truly wonderful specialist of his field and simply put a great individual who is worried about social problems, environment, culture heritage and human rights. And he is multilingual expert who fluently speaks Valencian, Spanish, English and Italian languages.

Marta Grimaltos Soler

Project Manager

Organization's Project Manager since 2016, she studied philosophy and gender equality. She has been involved in a variety of European projects since 2012, and she wants and loves to share her vast experience with those who are eager to join a wonderful world of European youth work. She is empathic, curious and loves to travel. Marta always believed that tolerance, respect and equality is inevitable part of our lifes, and everybody no matter of their gender, religion, ethnicity etc. deserves to live in a world free of bias and oppression. And, she is also involved in many social ethics and cultural movements to support the causes mentioned above.

Elisa Borredà

projects responsible

I'm sensitive and creative, I love to learn new forms to represent arts and I usually follow my intuition at the moment. As I said, the arts move me and one of the arts fields I love is make-up.